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Send rocket into space in parts. How to estimate large projects?

The job posters are full of requests for agile, scrum coaches. Now every manager, team lead position in a job description has information about agile. The current trend is very clear. We are trying to deliver software in small steps. We took functionality, tear it apart into the smallest user stories possible and finish one by one. IT commits only to the work planned for the next two weeks.

This approach is working. Business sees how developers deliver software. IT is predictable and everyone is happy.

Until something bigger happens


The most expensive T-Shirts in the world

In every company, employees are estimating work. In most cases, we are using expertise to answer a question about the time needed. The accountant just knows how long it takes him to fill a declaration for the tax authority. But in IT we are using various tools. We are doing it because development projects are complex and very rare fully predictable. Below you can find a couple of them which I had used.


IT War Rooms

Every industry failures happen, but only in IT, we have so many incidents that affect so many people. We could list also hundreds of reasons why this is happening so often. This time although let’s focus on the actions which should be taken if something occurred and now, we are facing serious production issue.